Healthcare Improvement Scotland Report


Independent Healthcare Inspection Report: St Vincent’s Hospice


Healthcare Improvement Scotland today (Thursday) published its report relating to an unannounced inspection visit to St Vincent’s Hospice, Howwood. The inspection visit took place on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September 2015.


St. Vincent’s Hospice is a charitable organisation which provides specialist palliative care to people within Renfrewshire and parts of Ayrshire over the age of 18 years.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland was established in April 2011. Part of our role is to undertake inspections of independent healthcare services across Scotland.

Our inspectors check that independent healthcare services are complying with necessary standards and regulations. They do this by carrying out assessments and inspections. These inspections may be announced or unannounced.

Based on the findings of this inspection, this service has been awarded the following grades:

Quality Theme 0 – Quality of information: 5 – Very good

Quality Theme 1 – Quality of care and support: 5 – Very good

Quality Theme 2 – Quality of environment: 5 – Very good

Quality Theme 3 – Quality of staffing:  5 – Very good

Quality Theme 4 – Quality of management and leadership: 4 - Good

The full inspection report is available to view at:

Speaking of the report, Kevin Freeman-Ferguson, Senior Inspector said: “Our inspectors found that St Vincent’s Hospice has developed an excellent staff culture that reflects the values of the service, and it involves patients and families in all aspects of developing the service. We also identified some areas that could be improved, for example the hospice should implement the documentation that has been developed on when to contact relatives or friends, and how to record patients’ end of life wishes. This inspection resulted in six recommendations which we expect St Vincent’s Hospice to address as a matter of priority.”