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Memories made special

Memories of our loved ones who have died can be very precious.

As we care for our patients and their families we often hear stories about the people they remember – about times shared together, of special events in their lives, of personalities and achievements, or the things and places they loved. Sharing photographs of happy times can bring back many memories, especially to mark anniversaries as the years go by.

Memories can also be made special for so many people by giving to a charity or cause that has played an important role in their life story. 

Your gift of compassionate care

We deeply appreciate the donations we receive in memory of your loved ones, especially so when gifts are made at vulnerable times of personal loss. Your gifts make a huge difference to our patients and their families, and help us to provide the compassionate, specialist care they need.

There are many different ways to give in memory. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create an online tribute page to celebrate the life of your loved one and gather donations together
  • collections gathered during funerals
  • donations made to commemorate anniversaries
  • gifts made through social media sites
  • donations from celebration events
  • sponsorship of our hospice garden woodland walk

To see more information about some of these options, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. 

Remembering – your way


MuchLoved Online Tribute Page

MuchLoved Online Tribute Page

Create an online tribute page

On this secure site you can share memories and celebrate the life of your loved one. You can add pictures, music and video, as well as light virtual candles to mark anniversaries and special times. You can create your own design and the tribute page is yours forever.

Our partnership with allows you to create an online tribute page free of charge. You can use your page to gather donations for St. Vincent’s Hospice.

Click here to create your page

Funeral collections

Funeral collections

Many families now choose to ask for donations to St. Vincent’s Hospice at a funeral instead of flowers. This means that the money raised will provide vital care for other people in need. We are thankful for the marvellous support of local funeral directors who often collect the contributions themselves and forward the total amount raised directly to us. Please talk about this with your funeral director. If you need any other advice or information please contact us.

Celebration Events

Celebration Events

We have been really moved by the donations made to St. Vincent’s Hospice instead of gifts at special occasions and celebration events such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversary dinners or christenings. Our fundraising team offers a range of support to help make your event very special and to acknowledge your gift.

Our Woodland Walk

Our Woodland Walk

Our beautiful hospice garden provides a calm, natural space for our patients and visitors to enjoy. There they can remember their loved one and gain comfort by walking among the lovely trees and plants. Many people choose to sponsor a tree or a tile along the walkway and leave a personal dedication. Our fundraising team would be happy to arrange this for you. Please contact us for more information.

If you have another idea for an in memory donation to St. Vincent’s Hospice, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like more information about our work, or to arrange a visit please contact our Fundraising Team.