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Your lasting gift of care for local families 

So much of our wonderful work today is made possible because of the kindness and foresight of friends and supporters like you who included a gift to St. Vincent's Hospice in their Will. 

Gifts in Wills are essential for our caring work.

"I know so many people - friends and neighbours - who received wonderful care here. I wanted to include a little something in my Will for the Hospice, so that my gift stays in my own community, helping families for years to come."

A gift in your Will would become your lasting gift of care. Even a small gift would make a great difference to future generations for your family and friends, your neighbours and your local community. 

Why make a Will?

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can ever do. It gives you a voice, allowing you to care for everyone you love and to say what you want to happen to your money and personal possessions. 

This is usually an easy and straightforward process. Although you can write a Will yourself, it is always best to speak with a solicitor. They will ensure that everything you have worked hard for all of your life is going to the special people, or causes, that matter to you the most. 

Further Information

We appreciate that your Will is a very personal, confidential and private matter. If you would like to include a gift to St. Vincent's Hospice in your Will it is important to give the correct details to your solicitor to make sure your own wishes are met. Our details are:

Our Organisation name: St. Vincent's Hospice Limited
Our Address: Midton Road, Howwood, Renfrewshire PA9 1AF
Our Scottish Charity Number: SC006888

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