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October is Make a Will Month at St. Vincent’s Hospice!

Thursday 03rd October 2019

Making a Will is one of the most important things you can ever do. A Will gives you a voice, allowing you to care for everyone you love and to say what you want to happen to your money and personal possessions.

Don’t leave it until later! It’s best to make a Will while you’re healthy and well.

This is usually an easy and straightforward process. Although you can write a Will yourself, it is best to speak with a solicitor. They will ensure that everything you have worked hard for all of your life, is going to go to the special people or causes that matter to you most.

Why you should make a Will

A legally sound Will can avoid difficulties, distress and unnecessary expense for those you leave behind. It is a good and responsible thing to do for those you love most. If you die without a Will, the law might not reflect your wishes.

One person told us: “I think it makes sense to get these things sorted out while I’m still relatively young. Now I can get on and enjoy my life with peace of mind, knowing everything has been properly arranged.”

Make your Will for free

During October 2019, you can make a Will completely free of charge thanks to the support of a group of trusted local solicitors. They can help you make a new Will or even update your existing one. This offer is available from 1 October to 31 October 2019.

Contact our supporting solicitors directly. You can find their contact details through this link.

When you book your appointment, please remember to mention that you heard about this offer from St. Vincent’s Hospice!

Would you include a gift in your Will for St. Vincent’s Hospice?

St. Vincent’s Hospice is able to care today for many of your loved ones, friends and neighbours in this local community because of the kindness and foresight of supporters who included a gift for us in their Will.

Your family and loved ones come first in your Will, but please consider whether you could include a gift to St. Vincent’s Hospice from whatever is left over. Whether small or large, gifts in Wills are making a real difference. 

For more information, please contact June Burgess, our Legacy Officer on 01505 705635 or email

October is Make a Will Month at St. Vincent’s Hospice!