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The Firewalk for St. Vincent's Hospice

Monday 24th December 2018

St. Vincent's Hospice, Howwood

To mark the end of our 30th Anniversary Celebrations, on Tuesday 29th January, we have teamed up with FireWalk Scotland to bring you an exciting way to support our Hospice, while facing your fears in an inspiring challenge! The Firewalk event takes place on Tuesday 29th of January 2019: are you up to the challenge?

Walking on fire has been a rite of passage for many centuries and now it is your turn to take part in this ancient ritual. We can't claim to be able to verify your maturity into man or woman hood following the seminar but we can guarantee you are going to feel really proud of yourself when you get to 9pm and realise all the fears you have conquered over the 3 hours you spend in our company.

However, rite of passage or not, it's important to know The Walk Of Champions is more than just a FireWalking workshop. During this incredible, unforgettable evening you will;

- Learn how to conquer fear and how our minds can be turned to confidence and certainty in ANY situation

- Spend an evening dreaming of the future you want with like minded people ready to push you to achieving EVERYTHING you ever wanted

- Remember how to access your own inner power and direct it to ANY task

- Rediscover your deeply held beliefs in your own AMAZING potential and ability

- and, of course, use all of these INCREDIBLE new skills to take The Walk Of Champions, a 12-15 foot walk over hot coals reaching temperatures exceeding 800 degrees Celsius.

These moments are where lives change. Yours can be one of them.

Throughout the evening you will be guided by FireWalk Instructor, Martial Arts and Mind Coach Jamie McKenzie who will show you many amazing ways to control fear (and any other emotion), tap into long lost reserves of confidence and belief before taking to the fire to take your 8 steps to Awesome!

The Firewalk for St. Vincent's Hospice