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Bubble Rush for St. Vincent's Hospice

Sunday 6th May 2018

Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

On Sunday 6 May 2018, the Bubble Rush 5k will once again take place in Bellahouston Park in Glasgow giving you the chance to raise some money for St. Vincent’s Hospice while creating a memory you’ll never forget!

A family and pet friendly course, walk, jog or run your way through a sea of bubbles for a fantastic cause!

Registration opens on Monday 1 January, with the opportunity for you to name St. Vincent’s Hospice as your charity of choice. More details are available at:

To help you decide if you're taking part, read the Frequently Asked Questions below.


Is the Bubble Rush timed?
This is not a race and is definitely more about having fun rather than setting a personal best.
How long will it take to finish?
Each event starts with a group warm up to get you in the mood for bubbles, then you set off in a sea of foam. It can take up to an hour to complete the course, depending on how much fun you’re having in the bubbles!
At the end of the course pick up your Bubble Rush medal and have your picture taken.

What changing facilities are available?
The event will be taking place in a public area however portaloos will be available to get changed.
What’s in the foam?
The foam mixture we use is completely natural and safe. The dye in the foam gives vibrant colours, however it is a food dye and is water soluble so it is environmentally friendly too. The creamy foam has the same viscosity as water and does not contain any soap.

Slight stinging in your eyes may occur, however the pH balance is very low. Just be careful when wiping your eyes with your hands if they have frothy suds all over them. We suggest you pack some wet wipes to remove excess foam after you’ve finished in the bubbles, and having some towels to hand in the car for the journey home – or better still a change of clothes.
Bubble Rush have tested the foam mixture on many people without issue. The mixture that we use is drier than most foam; therefore you won’t be soaked and won’t be slipping around in the foam.
How deep is the foam?
The bubble stations can be filled to a depth of four feet, so we recommend that you carry small children, hold the hand of older children and that they wear eye protection – swimming goggles are fine.
Bubble Commandos will be shooting foam at us with cannons, isn’t that dangerous?
Our staff are fully trained and will not aim the foam directly at your face. They are there to make sure there are plenty of colourful bubbles and help you have a great time, safely.
Are children taking part?
Yes! Children under 14 years must be accompanied around the course by a parent, guardian or responsible adult.

For their safety you should hold the hand of any child under five years when walking through the foam. Younger children can be carried.
Can we take part with a pushchair?
Yes, the foam is completely safe but just be aware that the foam could stain the fabric – so it’s OK to park up and carry your little ones through the foam.
Can I run with my dog?
The Bubble Rush team loves dogs but only as spectators. For the safety of all supporters we cannot allow any animals on the course.
Are cameras and phones safe?
It’s a good idea to take some precautions to protect your device. The foam is water based so if you stay in foam too long your devices may get wet. Also your hands will get wet so be careful not to drop that new smartphone into the foam.
What if someone gets lost at the event?
If you get lost in the park at the event, please don’t panic. Make a member of staff aware that you are lost or have lost a child. We also advise that anyone who is lost should make their way to the first aid unit near the finish line to be reunited with family or friends.
How do I raise sponsorship?
We ask that all participants try to raise any sponsorship that they can for their chosen hospice. There is no minimum amount, just try to raise what you can. You can collect sponsorship online via Just Giving at and you will also be sent sponsorship forms via email from the hospice.
Do I bring my sponsorship along on the day?
We are very grateful for all the sponsorship that has been raised by the participants of the Bubble Rush. As you know, hospice care is a valuable service and we would like to thank you for helping us to raise funds.
We do ask that on the day of Bubble Rush that sponsorship is not brought along to the event, but your chosen hospice will be in touch after the event to advise you on how to send in your sponsorship and how long you have to do this.
If you think you have set-up a Just Giving page for the wrong hospice, please let me know and we can arrange a transfer of funds.

We hope you are looking forward to the Bubble Rush and that you enjoy the event.

Each hospice has a stand at the event so look out for us at the finish line and come along to talk to your chosen hospice and tell them all about your experience on the day.

We look forward to seeing all you bubblers!

Bubble Rush for St. Vincent's Hospice