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Cookie Policy

St. Vincent's Hospice uses four different cookies to provide functionality that leads to an improved user experience. None of these record any personal information about our visitors.

First Party Cookies (placed by St Vincents Hospice)

Google Analytics
We use Google’s Analytics software to monitor user behaviour in order that we can identify on-site issues and keep delivering content that is of interest to our visitors.

Session Cookie
We use a session cookie to monitor when a user is on our site. This is deleted when the visitor leaves the St Vincents Hospice website.

Third Party Cookies (placed by others)

Google Maps
There is a map on our contact page which places a cookie before it renders. This cookie is placed by to help their maps system function appropriately.

Videos used throughout the site are delivered by youtube. They make your online experience easier by saving browsing data. The cache remembers parts of pages, like images, to help them open faster during your next visit.


Our Privacy Policy

As you will be aware, there has been a lot of media coverage regarding the new General Data Protection Guidelines (GDPR) which concerns all the data you share with us and what happens to your details. 

We would like to reassure you that we do not and have never sold data to third parties, including other charities. 

We take our relationship with all of our supporters very seriously, and want to stay in touch with you, on your terms, using whatever means works for you. 

Below, you can find a full copy of our Privacy Policy, along with a form which allows you to let us know that you would like us to keep in touch with you, along with the best way for us to do this. 

By signing up to let us contact you, we can keep you informed of the impact that support from people just like you is having on real patients and families throughout the community, along with upcoming events and fundraising activities. 

If you would like us to keep you up to date, please download the form at this link and email to  

You can also find all of our Privacy Notices at the links below: